Dr. Ariane Chapelle May 14, 2020

Reflections on Operational Risk Management

This book is a collection of 28 columns and articles, spanning more than five years. From the fundamentals of operational risk frameworks to risk capital, they are regrouped around six themes including risk appetite, key risk indicators, risk reporting and risk culture. Each article addresses a hot topic of the time, such as rogue trading (chapters 21 & 22) or some still very much discussed today, such as key risks indicators (chapters 9, 10, 11) or Conduct (chapter 18) and, more recently, the SMA reform and the role of regulatory capital (part 6). 

The operational risk discipline is still in its infancy in the financial services, and that is what makes it fascinating. New methods arise every day and practice is constantly evolving; this bite-size book will give the reader a variety of topics, analogies, suggestions and ideas to stimulate awareness and understanding of operational risk in the financial industry and beyond.

Book available to purchase HERE

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