Thorough revision of a local bank’s corporate culture, risk culture, conduct metrics and people’s performance scorecard. Working in close collaboration with senior management, while updating the Board of Directors regularly, we adopted a highly consultative and collaborative approach to define, with the help of every member of staff, what the company’s corporate values and target behaviours should be.

Based on those values and desired behaviours, we designed a culture dashboards to track the progress made in the implementation of these refreshed values. The values were chosen to address and improve some of the weaker points of the firms, rather than reinforcing what was already strong.

Besides, we established a dashboard of conduct metrics, based on metrics that were both already existing and relevant to express conduct and compliance. Using only existing data allowed to have a reporting tool immediately available, requiring minimal additional effort from the teams, and providing several quarters of data history, showing evolution and trends.

Overall, project deliverables included:

  • Board awareness and training sessions on operational risk and conduct
  • Culture and value workshops
  • Influencers workshop
  • ERM framework and policy
  • Conduct and Culture policy
  • Conduct dashboard
  • Culture dashboard
  • Revised balanced scorecard structure for all functions


Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Culture