Giorgia Chillon

Risk Consultant

Languages: English / Italian / Spanish / French

1 year experience in operational risk
Specialist in: Scenario Analysis and ICAAP

Giorgia Chillon has experience in data analysis, financial analysis, statistical analysis, and machine learning for operational risk. She successfully coordinated an ICAAP project at a UK bank in summer 2021. She studied with Ariane Chapelle, did her internship in the firm, and is now a full-time consultant at Chapelle Consulting.  

Giorgia is a talented consultant and team worker. She has a Master’s degree in  Financial Risk Management from University College London and an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance from John Cabot University. She is also the recipient of the “Academic Excellence in Economics” and the “Academic Excellence in Finance” awards. 

Giorgia is an Italian national, living and working in London. She speaks four languages: Italian, English, Spanish, and French.