Ariane Chapelle May 21, 2021

Watch now: Delivering Operational Resilience | Webinar Replay

Wondering how to implement operational resilience in your firm by March 2022?

You may be more advanced than you think!

Catering to risk management practitioners' evolving knowledge needs is a key aspect of our mission to provide organisations with the best advisory services in operational and enterprise risk management. Our risk insights written blog series and webinars aim to do just that!

Following the keen interest of our network and clients on a previous article "How to Build Operational Resilience" earlier this year, on May 5th, Chapelle hosted a participative webinar tackling UK regulatory requirements the financial industry must meet by March 2022 and 2025.

Our UK regulatory experts: Andrew Sheen, Jimi Hinchliffe and David Goodyear, shared insights based on close to a century of combined regulatory and operational resilience experience, providing a variety of audiences an overview of regulatory changes, expectations and timelines.

The 60 minutes session also presents a suggested step-by-step approach to demonstrate resilience by leveraging your existing Operational Risk Management Framework in view of meeting requirements and includes live webinar attendees polls, reflections on results and an array of answers to questions from the audience: 

  • Who should is accountable for meeting the regulatory requirements?
  • Has there been or will there be a softening of the timetable?
  • What's the current state of affairs and what are the greatest challenges facing attendees?

To access the webinar replay on demand, click on the video link below!

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Webinar Content:

01:30 – Introduction of Speakers and Chapelle Consulting by Ariane Chapelle

04:20 – Start of the Webinar

Andrew Sheen on:

  • Key steps to Building Operational Resilience
  • What needs to be delivered by March 2022?
  • What has changed / Which areas are clarified?
  • Regulatory Tone

Jimi Hinchliffe on:

  • Evaluating Business Services
  • Impact Tolerances

David Goodyear on:

  • Mapping and Resources
  • Scenarios and Lessons Learned

47:50 – Panel Q&A

Want to learn more? 

Then contact us about our Operational Resilience Masterclass, delivered over three half days by Andrew Sheen, Jimi Hinchliffe and David Goodyear, which may be organised according to your needs!

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