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Case Study Award

Learning innovation to increase risk culture

The story of our Excellence in Learning Award

Book of the Year-ORM Best Practices in the Financial Services Industry

In 2017, Ariane Chapelle told an audience of sceptical financial professionals at a conference in Vienna that operational risk would in time become a greater..

Watch: A framework for Emerging Risks

Two minutes to present a framework to categorise emerging risks.

Watch: Gestion des risques positive (French)

Un extrait du Webinaire organisé par Pearson en Avril 2020, avec Ariane Chapelle. Comment positionner le risque de facon positive, et gagner des adeptes.

Say “THANK YOU”… In Risk Management As Well

Did your mother teach you to say “Please” and “Thank you”? She surely did and the lesson is valid for second line risk managers as well; a polite gesture that..

Outstanding Achievement of the Year: Chapelle Consulting

Chapelle Consulting is a significant contributor to the evolution of operational risk practices.

Reflections on Operational Risk Management

This book is a collection of 28 columns and articles, spanning more than five years. From the fundamentals of operational risk frameworks to risk capital, they..
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